Speaking at Autodesk University 2009

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I will present 2 classes at Autodesk University 2009 .

The first one will be on the topic of Daylight Simulation  with 3ds Max Design 2010. The second one will be about strategies to estimate optical characteristics of surface finishes for accurate renderings.

Daylight and Lighting Analysis with Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2010:

  • How to predict lighting levels in a scene lit with daylight or electric light
  • Finding correct values of reflectance and transmittance for the building materials you create and using these values in a lighting render of an existing building
  • Importing and using the correct photometric information for a particular manufacturer’s light fitting
  • Creating animated daylight simulation studies and experiencing your building in a dynamic way
  • Limitations of lighting analysis programs
  • Using MAXScript to perform advanced lighting analysis tasks

Capture and Acquire Appearances of Real World Materials for Improved Accuracy in Renderings:

  • Rendering engines and color
  • Gamma Correction and Linear Workflow
  • Color acquisition devices comparison
  • Measuring optical characteristics of materials in an affordable way
  • Using this data correctly in Physically Based rendering engines


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