New-York Times Exterior Lighting

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The headquarters of the New-York Times will inevitably become a landmark in Manathan’s skyline.

Its impressive height and its envelope – a giant semi-transparent screen made with clusters of glossy ceramic bars – will capture environment lighting during daytime in a totally different manner than during night time.

Schematic Design Schematic Design Schematic Design

The lighting concept calls for a very even and subtle gradiation of light from the bottom to the top, with accent lighting on the upper part of the building, on the tip of the mast (to meet FAA regulations) and on the structural elements visible on each side of the facades.

Lighting Simulation Lighting Simulation Lighting Simulation

My initial task consisted into illustrating the lighting concept with interactive presentations demonstrating the appearance of the building at different time of the night with custom made presentation tools.

The second part of the project was to specify the exact location, count and aiming angle of the chosen luminaires to meet quantitative light levels required by the lighting concept.

Aiming Diagram Schematic Design Facade Detail

Custom designed reflectors for luminaires where used to acheive a reverse wallwasher effect om the entire facade of the building.


Renzo Piano Building Workshop in collaboration with FXFOWLE Architects

lighting consultants:

Office for Visual Interaction Inc. (OVI) Jean M. Sundin, Enrique Peiniger

lighting studies, illustrations and simulations:

Pierre-Félix Breton